Warp Preparation

Beam Warping Machine ZM-1-1800/100 11941

Machine Number: 11941
Location: Poland
YOM: 1996
Speed: Max. 1000 m/min
Dressed width: 1800 mm
Diameter of beam: 1000 mm
Equipped with GD Creel
GD Creel Weight: Max 25kg
Capacity of Creel: 870 yarn packages
Creel Gauge: 25cm
Creel Fitted With KFD Yarn Tension Regulator
Range of Dtex: 17 to 110 with a yarn tension 3-12 cN.
Price: Eur 80,000 sell in package with ROTAL dressing frame ID270/100 96157

Beams / 整经机

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